Portrait: with Campfire Blanket

Campfire Blanket: daveo disguised
Campfire Blanket
A fully emblazoned and decorated campfire blanket makes any event funner! Fortunately mine was preserved by my dear mother in a box likely labelled “Campfire Blanket, Dave” waiting for a chance to rock it out, at this time at a Teagan and Sarah concert at Deerlake park with Trevor Erikson (who i assume took the snap). I figured when I met the lasses (which of course I did, but at another time) they would swoon at my majestic cape. 

Oh a “campfire blanket” in this instance is a tradition in some scouting programs where you sew all your cloth badges/patches/accolades/ephemera onto a blanket to ostensibly wear on “ceremonial” occasions, ’round the fire. 

Whatcha think?