Portrait: Hemp Guy in OlyWa

Hemp Guy: daveo disguised
Hemp Guy
This one goes out to my fellow cannabis pioneers and activist as i sport a handmade set of 100% hemp overalls, and a Hempy’s “Baja explorer” hat (my own design manufactured by A. Lewis’ company who shares my birthday).
Anyhow, was fresh off the Micronesian island of Guam, I’m flashing the backhand hang loose sign (forehand is for Hawaii) at Olympia Hemp Day, 1996 at the Capitol dome – not long before I started production of the travel documentary HempenRoad… Of course now, Washington state has legalized cannabis for medicinal, recreational and industrial use. Coincidence?
Snapped by maybe Jay Stewart? on an early generation Casio digital camera (low res of course by contemporary standards)

Whatcha think?