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Rust gives way to polish… / Towns and Trains

Railroads for the sinews
To connect the culture loosely
Rust gives way to polish
Simply by rolling along

Carriages painted blue
But each with a vague distinction
Letters to denote the occupants
Desired by the chairs


from Towns and Trains, Sudden poems 2016-2018

Trim away the excess… / Towns and Trains

Lavender please save me
From the poison i’ve inhaled
Before finds a way to my heart strings
Or blinds my weary eyes

To cut or chop
The offending parts
Trim away the excess
Guarding your inner heart


from Towns and Trains, Sudden poems 2016-2018

Paint won’t stick in the rain / Towns and Trains

Repainting a sign to Lamphum
Scraping first, flakes land on bricks
Paint won’t stick in the rain


from Towns and Trains, Sudden poems 2016-2018

Short pants schoolkids…

Short pants schoolkids
hoot-owling now
echo in the courtyard


from Hotsprings and Stubbed Toe, Occasional haiku… 1992-2004

Download Hot Springs and Stubbed Toe (.pdf)

I know the city but not the name / Towns and Trains

Tom Waits warbles low
This train isn’t downtown bound
I know the city but not the name


from Towns and Trains, Sudden poems 2016-2018


Home is something i’ve never known
I only how to go, go far
by train by van by thumb by plane
by my weary legs with viking calves

To be clear, from grade 1 through 4
I lived in the same house
Near a Guildford forest
Now a shopping mall
I built tree forts with abandoned lumber
Explored burned out wreckage across the dirt lane
Where i found a rusty hammer handle
Charred with reason unseen

Since then, no where longer
than three years
i don’t count the places
as i can’t determine a criteria
what’s to be included
when all is transitory

Motels for months
Uninvited couch surf for a season
Roommates unwanted
A parked van for happy nights

Years when tents and tarps
Out-counted a solid roof room
I can light a fire in the rain
Just can’t put it out

Communes, communities and rest area
wooded campout national parks
thwarting eviction by limitations
by rangers claiming beachlands
as their authority

Destinations not near as important
as the ways and the means

Frankly i’m not particular
but partial to somewhere calm
of transport conveyance
public or private
not as interesting as dirty or clean
and most often importantly
slow, or at least not deliberately swift
though speedy and secure will suffice

Some ramblers love airports
the commotion and details
i shut off senses and try to avoid
conversations with strangers
who looks like me

Give me the awkward lost ones
the folks fumbling through
not the seasoned jaded sharpy
others can interrupt train tables
whereas i can only figure
north or south
from the town i leave
and when it might arrive
Noting: if overnight, make sure stops after 9
when the coffee shops are open
workers on their way
i’ll pause to fill a cup with cream
stir in too much sugar
for false hope and energy

I wrote instructions for other to hitchhike
must add a disclaimer to ensure no damage
i can’t be held responsible for randomness
rushing highway on-ramps, just hold a sign

While a freighter stateroom is ideal
an empty cabin might have to do
to peer out the porthole
and see the same sea each day

Fringed by sand or trees or
ports requiring approval
inky stamps are a weakness
and to think 100 years ago
a passport was rather absurd
of course you are from elsewhere
present yourself
because they already know you are here
commit to your cover story
whether lies or truth indifferent

Just become who you say
before it catches up with you