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Post’d: Round-up of postcards to FPO, UAE, Adelaide, Burnaby… (various 2015-18)

Margareta, Adelaide, April 2018: Finally got here…! Thank you Dave! Hope you’re well!

Cathy, Vancouver, April 2015: I got mine!! Thank you hon 

Post'd: Marie, HK, 2018
Post arrived: Marie, HK, 2018
Post'd: Arrived, UAE
Post’d: Arrived, UAE
Post'd: Arrived, FPO, APO
Post’d: Arrived, FPO, APO

Moving feeds, future-preserving and archiving speaking gigs #meta

Adding my thoughts to:

How to Stalk Yourself: A Manual for Creatives Filling the Gaps in their Curriculum Vitae

Some great tips – recently i’ve moved 13 blogs, pods, columns and other feeds into one big site and now organizing and coalescing the all artifacts from various speaking gigs. So many links are expired, images removed, videos down (thanks blip.tv) and so on.

I have a few tips to add:

  • Archive.org’s Wayback Machine is a great way to capture some – not all — old posts and reviews etc. Mainstream media outlets are the worst it seems for archiving — plus some sites block Archive with a robots.txt file prohibiting indexing and/or some dynamically generated sites don’t archive well so your mileage may vary
  • Before i do an event, i set up a Hootsuite dashboard to monitor all the conference or whatever’s conversation. Instagram & Twitter hashtags, Youtube, geo-located searches and variations on my name and company name (when applicable)
  • Once i am done a prezo or other gig, i’ll quickly favourite, star, like whatever all the relevant posts (usually at the airport) and then, soon after, create an archive “roundup” in Storify (used to do manually but this is so quick). UPDATE: Storify is no more, but Wakelet does a great job.
  • I keep monitoring for a week or two for any blog followups, news mentions etc. and then add to the Storify. Storify will send each person mentioned a Tweet thanking them for the contribution
  • Once done, i create a roundup blog post for each gig including a preface for context. I often now copy/paste almost entire posts (with a preface) since so many things are lost to the ether
  • Then i add the event to a “Speaking Gigs” list on a page which references back to the roundup post

The Internet has a very short memory indeed.

PS examples (in process) at: daveostory.com

Source: some great tips – recently i’ve moved 13 blogs, pods, columns and other feeds into one big site and… – Medium

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Post’d: Round-up of postcards to Vancouver, NYC, Austin, Valencia,… (spring 2014)

Judy, BC, April 2014: Delighted at my B+W photo #DaveOPostcard today – yes Dave, anything is possible! *grateful*

Pete Word, Austin: Photographed and added to too bee sorted bin.
Pete Word, Austin, April 2014: Photographed and added to too bee sorted bin.

Made my day! Postcard from Dave Olson - KBO !!'Stewart, Vancouver, April 2014: Made my day! Postcard from Dave Olson – KBO !!’

Stewart, p.2: I meant to put this up before – if I did it’s worth it again to share #daveopostcard

Tim, Connecticut, May 2015: Lovin’ and livin’ the wisdom on this wonderful and cross-continental#DaveOPostcard! Thanks DaveO!

Dani, Valencia, April 2014: Best postcard ever 
THANKS, Dave! It means a lot to me.

Cory, Vancouver, April 2014: Arrived home to a postcard from the peaks gigantic. Big love from Dave O and Uncle Walt. // Dave Olson

Laura, NYC, April 2014: nothing better than #virtualhugs & postcards — with Dave Olson.

Juliette, NYC, 2014: Thanks @uncleweed for the sweetest postcard ever! — with Dave Olson at New York City.

Noah, Vancouver, 2014: Life is sweet with storytellers as friends, sending rowdy postcards across the world. Thanks

Random Acts of Post, Vancouver, 2014: Ooh SQueee!! I LOVE GETTING MAIL Let’s go on a journey #1, 3 & 4

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