a few notes about marketing tactics

for pro marketing work, i mix old school/new school PR/marketing into a formula designed to:

1) tell a story with interestingness

2) amplify the positive reactions

3) mitigate negative with nuance

4) magnify to appear larger/mightier /different

5) show we are aware through (obsessive)


a few tactics:
* write press releases like a jouro article

* provide images resources widely/freely

* publish early and often to “host” conversation

* reward helpers with cultural treats

* provide channels and “listen” to gripers

* but ignore trolls (even when you wanna kick in balls)

* for event: spend little, talk lots

* show up online as many places as possible

* track search/has/social trends and hop aboard

* define best practices and (pretend to be) thought leader

* know google-fu and spend time on semantics

* establish a distinct voice and vocab across team

* set up processes to manage/log/magnify coverage rapidly

Whatcha think?