Disappearing for Invigoration – Postcard #78

Disappearing for Invigoration – Postcard #78
Disappearing for Invigoration – Postcard #78

Disappearing, invisibility, loneliness, depression, anxiety, being lost, trying to not be found, trying to find white space to invigorate… Sometimes these weave together, other times (perhaps) each remain exclusive.

Gord Downie, Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski and me all try to figure out the nuance in different ways atop Turkish street music, trains from Kerala and Moncton, and various ephemeral music snippets.

Prepare to vanish with: Disappearing for Invigoration – Postcard #78 (23MB, 16:25, 192k mp3, stereo)

Pod bonus - Postcard, Autopsy


  • Gord Downie, Starpainter
  • Charles Bukowski, I’ve Never Been Lonely
  • Dave Olson, Alchemist Confer with Hypnotists
  • Jack Kerouac, Mexican Loneliness
  • Dave Olson, Return’d
  • Gord Downie, Nothing But Heartache in Your Social Life w/ Dave Olson, Alone > Nowhere
  • Dave Olson, Night Lake Diving > Comfortably Lonely > Witness my own Autopsy


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