Grassroots campaigns for Canucks re-signing Trevor Linden

Mark at Vancouver Courier gave a ring asking my opinion on the whether the Canucks should seek to re-sign venerable local hero Trevor Linden and, if i know of anyone “beating the drum” to re-sign him. Any campaigners out there?

I mentioned that I’d rather have him run for mayor and take over for Sam Sellout-van and if he did return, adopt a player-coach role (not necessarilty change his name to Reg Dunlop of Slapshot fame) to mentor the youthful forwards in the quest for Cup #1. I also mentioned that the wimmin want him back before their eyes more than the fellas. Am i wrong?

Raise a Reader Day - Trevor & Me
(Miss 604 poses with some grizzled vet)

Who’s beating the drum?  Holler back and I’ll hook you up with 7.5 minutes of fameage.

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Whatcha think?