Diary: Birthday Fun with Dear Ryoko

Happy Birthday to my ray of sunshine Ryoko!
Every day is the most wonderful fun with you.
Let’s enjoy tea, cake and picnic today (& kiss :)).

Ryoko’s birthday came, of course, in the midst of the pandemic and all that, but, we did some great activities starting with lunch at Mac’s goat farm the day before then we drove to Setouchi to (socially safely) pick up a custom made cake by the same baker who made our wedding cake which we really didn’t get to eat. Then enjoyed a wonderful picnic lunch with the parents (who live “inside the wall” with us). 

That night, sparked the candles in the cake and I sang (what I am sure is a magnificent version of) happy birthday etc. etc.

Evidence of this treasure follows: 

picking up the cake “social distance” style from Pom in Setouchi town
Pom bakery had a fun photo booth frame set up and of course, we cheesed out

then, back at Tsuchida Cottage, feasted upon a special variety plate the parents ordered up
the birthday girl abides in the yard – you can see the parents’ house on the left and ours on the right… and rain coming
later, back inside Tsuchida Cottage, we spark candles and sing a song
the custom cake was magnificent! full of fruits on top of a chocolate cream cake! note the music note touch (and yes Roko is usually “romanji-ized” as Ryoko but hey no big deal
cake details, yes it was wonderful!

Whatcha think?