Diary: New Year’s Bar-b-q at Kobayashi’s Rural Caprine Farm

Hanging at my non-secret hideaway with sempei Mac Kobayashi.

On January 3rd, to continue celebrating the new year, we organized the parents, uncle/aunt and cousins to head over to Mac Kobayashi’s Rural Caprine Farm for some leisurely bar-b-q fun.

I gave farm tours to check on the big pigs and tiny horse and the old cow barns, feed storage areas, piles of dirt, old van, possible campgrounds and whatnot. 

Anyhow, was very pleasant and i love eating Mac’s food but even more, hanging out with him and his ridiculous music collection

The parents and uncle/aunt enjoyed some Koti Beer and Mac’s assortment of wines – so happy!

Of course Mac’s meat is on point with sear on outside and rare on inside (if that’s what you like)
along with grilled meats, there were big green salads with goat cheese and his absurd prosciutto sorta meat
Me & Mac-san / goat-farmer, music aficionado, rustic gourmet, best dude – as seen at Rural Caprine Farm, Okayama
goat milk soft cream by the hardwood barrel fire / solid combo
even better is Ryoko enjoying the goat milk soft cream by the fire!

++ Bonus Insta-snaps ++

2 more generations of Kobayashis – the remarkable Mom and beautiful daughter
Mac and I posing in front of my “gallery” of two acrylic paintings i did up for this purpose
Mac holding hand-written note from Milk Records from Melbourne) received when ordering Courtney Barnett records
just a little smooch on the swing with a thrift store legit Cowichan sweater
me cheesing out in front of the paintings – such good memories here for decades
saying hello to the goats – uncle wanted to try the insta-camera too – he’s a photography enthusiast

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