Diary: New Year’s Morning + Day / Reiwa 2, Let’s Enjoy!

Well hello 2020. Let’s enjoy. Step 1 (or 2) #japanlife

special stash of Indonesian coffee beans
give em a special extra roast
into the Moka (not mocha) pot – my fave all-around way to prepare coffee
warm up in our chilly little cottage

this time of year is mikan, all the time

Then over to the parent’s (after the shrine) for fancy brunch-y meal with foods of significance. Minor and incomplete evidence follows, all consumed with enthusiasm: 

Then over to Grandma’s house – she lives with Uncle and Aunt so had a nice visit, gave her Christmas gift (not really a thing here but it is now :)) of my book of recent paintings and a tin of special tea. She’s AWESOME at about 87ish. The uncle commented that i am fat – what! We watched some of the Japan League soccer final from the brand-new Olympic stadium in Tokyo.

Then we picked up Mac-san from the goat farm for dinner at parent’s where we enjoyed some special nihon-shu saké purchased on the fermented foods tour in Maniwa (made with Trappist yeast)…

…as well as many other beverages (Koti beer for example) while feasting on grilled meats and so much more. I stopped my documentation at this point (aside from a special video for wedding pals which i will not share ever :)).

Oh and the younger brother and his wife were down from Tokyo i finally had a chance to let loose with them. 


Whatcha think?