Diary: Pleasant Home Life with baby clothes, rabbit and bocce

My my the pleasant days go by – we fill our days with tending to lists of tasks from gardens to scrapbooks to required paperwork to making pickles and tasty baked goods… with everything focussed on preparing our house to welcome a new human, make our life simple and efficient so we can enjoy art and music and love.

With this in mind, may i offer a few slices of evidence? 

So we are working down the list of stuff for the lil baby coming and doing most all by mail order and also received a few care packages form friends. In this case, a big load of clothes and diapers which we washed (with delicate detergent) and air-dried! Its all so cute.

The little pyjama outfits will be so fun to play dress up and match with. 

Next, our rabbit. This is Maru-chan. He eats and hops and mostly lives indoors but sometimes hangs out outside. 

He loves to chew on paper, cardboard and wires. As such, must be wary of leaving papers and wires in places he can access, also flowers. 

He is always poking around and sniffing out the goods.

Also on the list was dealing with a load of trash piling up. Both from the packaging from the personal items / so many cardboard boxes and bubble wrap! But also general debris from clearing out Ryoko’s work gear from landscaping and tree trimming and gardening etc. 

Everything is either” recycled or broken down and put into a special trash bags which you purchase and then take to the neighbourhood drop-off point. In this case a bunch of non-recyclable /up-cyclable tarps, tanks etc.

One morning, Ryoko got up early, put on her straw hat, fired up some bossa nova tunes and went to work getting it ready for me to haul down to the community drop-point cage. What a trooper!

Really quite a massive load which will help make our yard more parklike.

We also washed a huge stash of work gloves and hung to dry…

Then played bocce. Ryoko’s first time and (of course) she was very good taking an early lead but… this old vet clawed back and squeaked out a win. 

The “court” needs some raking but has potential. 

Finally, we are reading to the little human in “Hotel Ryoko” and one night i came in from the bath to see her reading Jack Kerouac’s On the Road in bed. Yup, heaven achieved. 

Whatcha think?