Vancouver BC Place Stadium dome un-flated

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{another note: Here is an article i wrote in 1979 about BC place when they were first considering the plan to build at 60,000+ seat stadium in Vancouver – view large to read the story.

Updated Dome pic with correct date[Note: Photo updated with correct date – sorry for any misunderstanding]

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Vancouver’s noble and venerable stadium BC Place – which opened in 1983 as one of the first self-supporting domes in the world – is the latest casualty of the wildest winter weather ever around here.

Early reports say a 40 foot rip caused the collapse under the wet heavy snow. Check out more with Derek Miller’s Penmachine and CBC and Vancouver Sun andNow Public. No injuries reported. See Derek’s snapshot of BC Place’s collapsed dome too.

I recall the inflating of the dome with a batch of 747 engines and seeing David Bowie, Peter Gabriel and The Tubes there in August 1983. But i digress …
view from new office

The two venues BC Place (home to the CFL Lions plus hosts a variety of concerts, trade shows, exhibitions and concerts) and GM Place (home of the NHL Canucks plus concerts etc.) sit directly across False Creek from EP HQ and dominate the skyline from our perspective.

BC place dome in better days
Oddly enough… in recent Olympic 2010 talk, there was discussion of removing the roof for a more ‘wintery’ experience in the opening and closing ceremonies. Wonder if the estimated $175 million (how did they come up with that number?) will encourage that decision.

Meanwhile, Vancouver’s beloved Stanley Park is still recovering from the loss of 3000+ trees during the recent hurricane-force winds (well technically typhoon-strength winds since we are a Pacific city, not Atlantic), not to mention the boil-water requirement, a few massive snow storms (by our standards) and the wettest November ever (which is really something).

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San Francisco Mission Stroll with Jack – Postcard #37

Pod cover - Postcards from Gravelly Beach - Blue Box Hip InnContinuing on with Kerouac’s San Francisco Blues, DaveO strolls down The Mission reading Jack’s choruses written on the same street in 1954 while observing butter trucks, museums and tolling bells, then listening to Clayton the Seabus busker sing about going home.

Pedestriate carefully for: San Francisco Mission Stroll with Jack – Postcard #37 (128k mp3, 11:32, 13MB)

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Festive Night at the Giants – Canucks Outsider #46

At the Pacific Coliseum to see the Vancouver Giants vs the Everett Silvertips duing the festive season, Dave enjoys some wine in a box seat and reminices with Mark about Canucks games past, prospecting prospects, win versus Flames, teddy bear toss while enjoying some Vince Guaraldi, Dean Martin, and JFA.

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Canucks outsider festive night at the giants

Bong Hits for some guy named Jesus

If i were more completely living my dream of being a free-travelin’ writer and multi-purpose arts and craft documentarian, i would write long passages and anecdotes about my simliar stunts with a Martin Luther King Jr. Died for your Sins banner at a Orem Utah HS when MLK day was a holiday everywhere but UT and AZ. Or flying a giant condom kite with some AIDS related message up the flagpole at the same white-bread, home of the Osmonds dis-education-farm. Ahhh, also ran a clandestine, write-in, student body president campaign for a notorious and hilarious Paul Moody and caused electoral mayhem.

I suppose, with all the hi-jinks – often involving my beloved 74 VW camper, with appliances on board – i did learn many things about causing a disturbance, sabatoging events, raising a creative protest and general mudrackery.

However, I’ll lift my stein of stout with praise to these Alaskan lads who are stirring up a collasal commotion.

Read the lowdown in the Olympian:

‘Bong hits’ case unworthy of Supreme Court reviewWASHINGTON – It’s a puzzlement. The Supreme Court agreed a few days ago to hear a case from Alaska that didn’t deserve its attention. The case stems from the punishment imposed upon a high school student for publicly unfurling a 20-foot banner that read: BONG HITS 4 JESUS.

‘Bong hits’ case unworthy of Supreme Court review – Opinion – The Olympian – Olympia, Washington

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Mountain High Festivus Greetings from Uncle Weed – Choogle On Bonus

Atop snowy Grouse Mountain, high above Vancouver, Uncle Weed sparks a doob in the trees near log statues to bid happy Festivus! and Gouranga! to all sentient beings – plus declares unilateral support of partying on all manner of holidays.

Festivus Greetings from Uncleweed

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Wild and Crazy Canucks episode 12 (retired)

The Crazy Canucks cohorts gathered around the Skypey yulelog for a dose of recaps and banter on the lads’ fortunes versus the Flames (beauty win), win vs Wild, (whew) and bad loss to the same Wild (dammit) shortly thereafter.  The result is 35 minutes .mp3 Canuck-itude called “TCC#12 – Not too wild about the Wild.”

Fill your egg nog and come along with Alanah, who is now CanucksandBeyond(insert echo effect here), Rebecca who’s living a Canuck 604 lifeRadio John Zooming along and JJG who is the Canucks Hockey blogger.

Pacifici Coliseum

Miscellania includes Burrows gift-giving, Wild boredom, Luongo and media spotlight,  Rory all-star campaign, Giants and Silvertips at the Coliseum, yadda dabba do … and me dropping off line, disappearing mysteriously …


International Street Hockey in China

Get on the Bus for Canucks Outsider Playoffs -- Live!
humble blogger as a young man cheering on the Canucks cup run in 1994 in Saji village, Tottori, Japan

As a guy who’s lived in many foreign lands and proselytized hockey all round … even hauled sticks to Japan to practically beg guys for an hour of concrete chaos …, GZ Expat’s recent blog post makes me wanna hum happy songs and go door to door collecting stinky gear from garages to ship over.

If you haven’t checked it out his brief documentation of a one in a million night in China (a million per day in Canada), then stop by to read Ball Hockey on the Streets of Guangzhou as he tells about a United Nations worth of kids with ancient gear looking to score on a stickless goalie.

So who’s in?  Anyone wanna send some stuff over to him?  I think the plastic stick blades could work out great for him as a slender piece of wood for a shaft should be findable over there.


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