Post’d: Festive Cards and Greetings, batches away!

Batch 2 of festive greetz away from the main downtown Okayama postoffice!

And technically, this post box is just for mailing New Year’s cards within Japan, so the pedantic ones amongst you need not point this out… Festive display made for a pleasant photo.

The overall count was smaller than batch one however several bonus super-deluxe envelopes of treats in the mix.

Destinations include: Germany, UAE, Scotland, Sri Lanka, … and the usual USA / Canada locations.

Such fun applying the stamps and interacting with the post office staff as so many folks are in preparing and mailing New Year’s cards.

This lil elf dropped off 80-ish new year cards into the hopper.

Riffs: Nengajo / Japanese New Year Cards

In Japan, one can create and send a pre-made New Years (nengajo) cards, or at the post office there is a little station to stamp your own. Ryoko and I made a postcard collage which would suit our friends around Japan as well as friends abroad. Then we set about making hundreds of these… 

Here’s an example of where you can prepare your own New Year’s cards in this kiosky station with purpose-made stamps and even a little drying rack.

Express service is available for purchasing these pre-made new year cards – They include a special number on them which is like a bit of a lottery contest and on New Year’s, the newspapers evidently post these numbers and you can win like a toaster oven or something… To be honest not quite sure how it all works but will report results… you can choose from one of several premade/pre-stamped designs, unique each year.

Update: Batch 3 on Dec. 25th which is just another Wednesday in Japan / fun to match postbox style.

Note: As it goes, we took a few trips to the post office to send these treasure on their way…. the batches change as I go along. I start in a manic fever pitch of excitement about starting the project, then refine with design subtleties, efficiencies, experiment with various pens and inky stamps etc. 

Then, sometimes… I want to go back and redo all of them or at least “show my work“ so everyone can see the evolution. Yes, just a little bit obsessive.

Also, sometimes I feel a little bit anxious that I’m not sending one to basically “everyone on the planet“ but I sort of run out of steam after a couple of hundred. 


Grateful for more excellent festive greeting cards – including some next level creative expressions – from Offenburg (sorta Germany), Vancouver x3, Kootenay Rose, Nagano, Edinburgh & London (some documented previously).


We love receiving end of year personal/family newsletters, round ups, notes, cards, letters whatever… (Almost ) always reciprocated with affection.

Dave and Ryoko Olson
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Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken
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