Forging Passports, so to speak (“life during wartime”)

Just remixing some passports from Romania and Albania.

Remixing expired passports from Romania and Albania into “dossiers of mystery and tactical intrigue” complete with endorsements, visas, assignments, sightings, safe houses, maps, aliases, poetry, ephemera, snippets, stamps – both ink and postal – musings, memos, codes, secrets.

Completely usual behavior – carry on with your diligent efforts.

Checkpoints include: Sri Lanka, Nepal, Diego Garcia, Vatican, Athens, Kyoto… etc + green beavers and diligent dogs

dossiers dispatched across Pacific to stealthy recipients

Now wrapped carefully in vintage rice writing paper, dossiers will soon head out across Pacific to stealthy recipients for operation “lost dog” and “green beaver”.

{with Talking Heads’ “Life during Wartime” live Mudd, 1982 used w/o clearance “i’ve got 3 passports, couple of visas, don’t even know my real name”}

{tl;dr a project remixing passports from Albania and Romania with ephemera, tickets, snapshots, map snippets, disguised photos, stamps (both inky and postal), cryptic notes, typewritten poems, and other surprises and unrevealed codes}


OH: “AI will replace the work of artists and writers!”

Me: just keep making art AI couldn’t possibly do

{make passports into poetry & ephemera scrapbooks}

share video of making above (w/ music in BG)

AI: I caught you! Them songs is copyrights! Here’s 20 emails to warn you :(