Social Story at #SMunplugged 2011 – Artifacts and Roundup

Numbskulz for power at Social Media UnpluggedSometimes speaking for the day-job and spieling for the personal self cross over a wee bit despite my efforts to separate. For Social Media Unplugged, i was ending the day for a sold-out theatre of keeners who’d digested a massive variety of information from ROI to NPOs.

As such, i laid down a mix of practical social media campaign tips contextualized through my pro activities as well as some historical discourse to articulate the importance of storytelling, earnest participation and driving the bus. Included fanzines, CB radios, telegrams, hockey, king tut and more.

Here’s the bits and pieces which i gathered up from Social Media Marketing Unplugged …. (organized by Jonathan Chow who generously provided a kind honorarium for my efforts).


When used strategically, social media tools are a powerful asset for bringing attention to your campaign, event for initiative – But you must first create a sustainable plan and choose the right tools which allow you to quickly spread messages, spark conversations and track results.

Experienced community marketer Dave Olson will share practical tactics gathered from years of grassroots promotion in diverse industries, including tips for real-time monitoring plus implementing emerging mobile and geo-location technologies into your plan.

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Note: was front-paged at in the “How-to & DIY” section.

Word of the People

Social Media Unplugged – Lead on Krystal Gabriel

Last, but certainly not least was Dave Olson, Community Director of HootSuite (@daveohoots). By the time he got on stage the conference was running late and we were all on our 9th hour but his humour and ability to engage the audience brought us all back of life, it was awesome. He enlightened us with the lessons he learned from building a HootSuite community of over 1 million users, these lessons were…

1. Begin with listening

2. Participation is Everything – track and monitor everything and be everywhere – where ever people are talking about or asking questions about what you are doing, be there, always and measure everything.

3. Community Manager as a Party House? Keep people on course, guide them where you want them to go, and be the driver of an exciting bus.

4. It’s all about the story – the tools may have changed but people will still engage in an interesting story.

5. Interestingness – you have to have it.

6. Go Where the people are – go talk to the people, hang out with them on their terms, play their game.

7. Speak their language.

8. Build a posse.

9. Close the loop – bring them back to the main group, back to the community.

10. Let robots do the work.

3 myths debunked at Social Media Marketing Unplugged@kcclaveria

The best was clearly saved for last. […] The bulk of Dave’s presentation was about creating a sustainable plan for your engagement strategy. He also touched on the various listening and monitoring tools that businesses can use. He encouraged businesses to listen, participate, and to “go where the people are”.  Also, businesses should measure everything – number of retweets, mentions, etc.

Social Media Unplugged@SRCunningham602

Though I by no means wish to discount the presentations by the other presenters, the last presenter of the day was Dave Olson (@daveohoots), Community Director of Hootsuite, and he managed to re charge a crowd that I received quite a lot of information already.

The Social Media Marketing Conference@joshrimer

And closing us off was Dave Olson who talked about his social media tips which included making sure you’re listening as opposed to just writing/sharing, being an active participant, keeping things interesting, the importance of using hashtags, writing/speaking in your target audience’s language, building a posse, letting the robots do the work (ie. RSS), and measuring everything.

Social Media Unplugged Conference: What You Missed@Webcopyplus


  • Social media concept is not new — CB radios could be compared to Chat Roulette, scrapbooks to Tumblr, telegrams to Twitter, etc.
  • Listen — set up your dashboard to monitor all conversations about your company, learn what people are saying and how they are talking about your company and use their language to communicate with them
  • Participate — reach out to critics, respond, monitor all mentions
  • Ensure your story is compelling and interesting and give people the tools to share your story
  • Go to where the people are and invite them to you, don’t just broadcast randomly
  • Close the loop — when people create content about you, share it!


New connections are made everyday, and these connections are facilitated so easily with all of the tools provided on the internet. In my eyes, the most useful tool to organize all of these valuable connections is Hootsuite, which was praised about by the beloved speaker, Dave Olson. (Gotta love the owl!)

SMU_0188Props to Jamil Rhajiak for snaps in tough light

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Dave Olson at Social Media UnpluggedKetanJogia Jan 31, 1:46am via Web @daveohoots Thanks Dave for your awsome talk on Saturday. You were definitely inspirational.

KatieRaeH Jan 30, 11:21pm via HootSuite @DaveHoots great presentation at #smunplugged You should be a comedian, seriously! Too funny!

jason_baker Jan 30, 9:34am via HootSuite @KashifPasta @nenshi In otherwards, don’t just grow a community. Foster it! As @daveohoots says, become the bus driver!

DianneChow Jan 29, 11:34pm via HootSuite Working on @sm_unplugged notes. I remember all the jokes but none of the facts. Elijah (Suzuki) & Dave Olson #Hootsuite pee-in-pants funny!

JessGrey Jan 29, 6:47pm via TweetDeck Best storyteller of the day was @daveohoots, but definitely learned a bit from everyone. #smunplugged

KrystalGabriel Jan 29, 5:49pm via Twitter for iPhone #smunplugged build a posse, close the loop, multiple touch points is key! @daveohoots

JillBenedict Jan 29, 5:41pm via Twitter for iPhone @DaveHoots provides metaphor of the day – community manager is like a bus driver #smunplugged


Leading up to the event, James from Hello Vancity shot a impromptu video interview with me sharing thoughts about social media, Vancouver and storytelling.

A Video Interview with Dave Olson of HootSuite


M. Abasov, D. Olsen, & D. Robles
Ukraine, Canada and Spain representing. Mike Abasov (@mike abasov) and Daniel Robles (@drobles) thanks lads.

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