Ichiro: card #17 “papa naptime” (grateful) / 7.13

Ichiro: card #17 “papa naptime” (grateful) / 7.13

Ichiro Olson, card #17
“Papa Naptime” + Grateful to you

We (OK, me) are slowly trying to provide personal responses as gracious and loquacious messages coming in via so many channels.

We (really we) are truly touched by so many old friends, sudden friends, well known, hardly known, kindly & thoughtful folks have appeared with their well wishes and stories. #grateful

Rather than just a simple “thank you“ I am compelled to answer completely and thoughtfully and thoroughly so, please know that your messages are seen, so very pleasantly received, especially when including stories and memories and anecdotes – and one by one, you will receive a proper response.

Protip: Remember you can fill out the “Postal Club“ form and eventually you’ll receive a special postcard.

Of course, spending this time “in the moment“ with this tiny magical human rather than locked into the laptop mode / but slowly sorta finding a balance.

In the meantime: truly so completely grateful. To YOU.

Whatcha think?