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Ichiro: cards #25, 26, 27, 28 “leisurely moments” / 7.25-29

Ichiro: cards #25 “contentment” / 7.25-29

Ichiro cards / #’s 25, 26, 27, 28 / Are You Collecting?

Featuring lounge chair and other leisurely moments


Ichiro: cards #26 “hand model” / 7.25-29

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Ichiro: card #24 “Papa and Ichi” (insta) / 7.27

Ichiro: card #24 “Papa and Ichi” (insta) / 7.23

Hey Buddy, we made it through our first month!

We’re getting pretty good at stuff (especially bath time and singing ridiculous songs to you). 

In this snap, we are discussing plans to watch summer hockey. plans to watch Summer Olympics thwarted obviously, but, *the universe works in mysterious ways* and Lil Stanley and I will be enjoying breakfast time hockey starting very soon.

Also, I came here to say that Ichi-Stan turned “one month old” on the 23rd, I am the proudest papa ever and love to kiss his little head.
More coverage of our “one month birthday“ rituals (shrine, grave!) now available coming soon, I know you’ll wait patiently.

PS today is father/grandfather‘s birthday #65 (more to come…)

Ichiro: card #23 “grateful” (Life & Peace) / 7.22

Ichiro: cards #23 “grateful” / 7.22

I know 2020 is really hard for lot of folks, but, tomorrow my son turns 1 month old and I’m so unbelievably happy to be his papa, so proud of my incredible powerful wife, grateful for my in-laws, and so glad I have a home (& 3 yr visa extension).

Ichiro: cards #20, 21, 22 “wondering, pondering” (pyjamming) / 7.18-19

Ichiro: cards #20 “I wonder” (pink blanket) / 7.18
Ichiro: cards #21 “pondering perpetual motion” (on green) / 7.18
Ichiro: cards #21 “pajama time” (in boat) / 7.19

Ichiro: card #19 “DATO & ISTO” (bath lads) / 7.17

Ichiro: card #19 “DATO & ISTO” (bath lads) / 7.17

Ichiro: card #19
“DATO & ISTO” (bath lads) / 7.17

Me & Ichi looooove bathtime bigtime / I look forward to when him and I can go to onsen together

PS Reed says:

“For me, the purest form of worshiping the divine is to immerse in water at the end of a day with family. I think this is Japon’s greatest contribution to the world.”

Ichiro: card #18 “milk coma” (thanks Mom!) / 7.16

Ichiro: card #18 “milk coma” (thanks Mom!) / 7.16

Ichiro Olson, card #18
“milk coma” (thanks Mom!)

Ichiro: card #17 “papa naptime” (grateful) / 7.13

Ichiro: card #17 “papa naptime” (grateful) / 7.13

Ichiro Olson, card #17
“Papa Naptime” + Grateful to you

We (OK, me) are slowly trying to provide personal responses as gracious and loquacious messages coming in via so many channels.

We (really we) are truly touched by so many old friends, sudden friends, well known, hardly known, kindly & thoughtful folks have appeared with their well wishes and stories. #grateful

Rather than just a simple “thank you“ I am compelled to answer completely and thoughtfully and thoroughly so, please know that your messages are seen, so very pleasantly received, especially when including stories and memories and anecdotes – and one by one, you will receive a proper response.

Protip: Remember you can fill out the “Postal Club“ form and eventually you’ll receive a special postcard.

Of course, spending this time “in the moment“ with this tiny magical human rather than locked into the laptop mode / but slowly sorta finding a balance.

In the meantime: truly so completely grateful. To YOU.

Ichiro: card #16 “sitting comfortably” (for ramblers) / 7.12

Ichiro: card #16 “sitting comfortably” (for ramblers) / 7.12

Ichiro Card #16
“Are you sitting comfortably?“

While doing my #daveo50 “personal archaeology” project, I found a boarding pass from when I flew from my birth town of Saskatoon to Calgary to Vancouver before continuing on my car (i assume) to Eugene, Oregon – all when I was 15 days old. (Note: dad was doing his doctorate degree at University of Oregon)

Artifact: Air Canada “infant” boarding pass for now-papa Dave, Aug. 1970 (Saskatoon to Calgary)

Little Stanley and I haven’t left the house (except for a brief walk around the garden) / can’t imagine hopping on an Air Canada jet for multiple flights and a long drive at this age.

Artifact: Air Canada “infant” *boarding pass* for then-coming Baby (issued as announcement Dec. 2019)

Then, found evidence have a 1974 flight when we moved from Lansing, Michigan to Vancouver/Surrey. I assume we drove from Lansing to Toronto and flew on from there.

Memento: L-R Davey, Bobby, Danny (in Mom/Lauralee’s arms) boarding Air Canada in 1974 (maybe from Detroit or Toronto, whilst moving from Lansing, Michigan to Vancouver (Surrey) BC

Note: brother Daniel Olson was born there as a babe in arms at this journey + brother Bob Olson was born in Eugene, me in Saskatoon all within 3.5 years.

So many miles, so many planes, so many roads, so many homes.


Ichiro: card #15 “spacepod” (for mothers) / 7.9

Ichiro: card #15 “spacepod” (for mothers) / 7.9

Today was the first day when we were just in our “normal” routine… wash diapers, change diapers, start laundry, fold laundry, wash dishes, make a breakfast make a lunch make a dinner, free some extras, nursing nursing nursing, more nursing, change more diapers, efficientize the house, feed rabbit, wash things, sweep things… and so pleased to do it (Keep in mind, with my consortium of illnesses, this requires some strategic pacing).

The first two weeks of his little life involved being born amongst all the precautions/restrictions/oddities a pandemic life, followed by the passing of his great grandmother and four days of Buddhist funeral rites at the house, then a natural disaster in Japan (hit the southern island of Kyushu hard – 60+ dead – we were just deluged with rain and concern) / I think that is a bingo.

As he rests in his deluxe “boat” made by his remarkable mother in the last days of pregnancy, safe and calm and amused, I’m thinking about all the other mothers going through pregnant life during these recent odd months. (Of course) safety is paramount though I think about so many of the *ancillary rituals* and added stresses which impacted their experience.

I.e.: Not having support and kinship of sisters and mothers and friends, not doing the “out and about” shopping, not having parenting classes (ours were canceled after a few weeks), not having showers/parties/reunions, and hearing *so many* opinions about “what to do/how to be careful“ – all of this adds a little bit a little bit a little bit.

Also thinking of single mothers doing this alone or under challenging domestic situations with minimal/no support or family around. Mothers you are champions. #respect

(Usually I would tag various names of mamas I’ve watched go through this process this last months, or starting down this journey but with the “great social diaspora of 2020” this is a futile effort to wrangle all over the TwFaceSpaceGramTube …. so, please know that I am thinking of you, all you mothers of the recently born, the young ones and soon to come ones.