Diary: Get on the Omnibus (annotations from the fog)

Winderness Hotspring painting by Noriko Miyake

Lots on my mind to riff about sometime about with various dangling topics & conversations unfinished and yet the days go by so quick, ergo:

* libraries (lost in Showa)

* meeting Ed Abbey (for Heads Lifestyle)

* my next postbox paintings/poems

* Ryoko’s new Fluevog shoes(!) /

below (note: Vancouver company but these came from the Amsterdam store in the magnificent box with extra treats. She will look so great in these, and hopefully can wear in her next concert sometime this autumn if things well, get safer.) + I kept an eye on the sale section and special sale days to find just the right pair at well, a good price and this was my third attempt

* Dennis Kearns & Quinn Hughes &
* Canucks family cook book circa 1981 (contents thereof)

* paintings by Noriko Miyake (She’s local to our area but spends a lot of time in France making her vag!na goddess art. We have 2.5 of her pieces. Purchased this “wild hot spring” as a surprise “momma’s gift” for Ryoko Olson) & Jean Smith (she’s rocking it so well right now)

* reducing humidity for book and record archiving in kura barn

* Fast Times (film & soundtrack etc)

* Itami’s “The Funeral” film

* scheme for house modifications/extension (safety & efficiency)

* so many letters out in the post, absolutely fantastic custom and complicated… And time-consuming(!) but so worth it

* Ichi-Stan’s CDN paperwork / checkmark #io

* The Queen never getting to know the pleasure of making a perfect grilled cheese sandwich

* further annotations re: hemp in Japan (state of & unpublished artifacts)

* recap #daveo50 / 190+ posts project

* wild boar sausages & inflatable pool (+ impending typhoon)

* how i ended up in Japan this time around

* how are you?

* condolences for losses (i see you)

* yes *the illness* persists #chronic #complex yet research drastically increasing (note: One strange /good thing is with *the virus*, there’s suddenly a lot more attention and awareness and research going into CFS/ME vis a vis so-called “long haulers” / Would be so wonderful to see so many people get so much of their lives back #MillionsMissing)

* “Hollywood” Scurlock (for Dark Poutine Mike Browne) #weird

* etc

* full email box #trying

* autumn is best season in Japan

* questions??

> in the meantime…

Note: The reality is, I wrote this as a little bit of “stuff I’m thinking about but I can’t do anything about right now“ list when I was in a crash mode from my silly consortium of syndromes.

(When I “crash“ I can only be in bed with the lights off, audio playing but not video, no outside light or noise,… but my head is swimming with ideas of stuff I really really want to do but can’t. In this case, three days of almost complete an activity aside from bathtime with baby.)

Dictating out a “laundry list” of thoughts, helps the brain calm down and well, means I’ll maybe address the topics eventually… maybe.

“Champey” Fluevogs for Ryoko (bit of another Noriko Miyake painting)

Fondly, dvo

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