Exhibit: Noriko Miyake’s goddess art

the phallus points the way…

Catching up on my/our miraculous life, yonder back in December 2021 amidst preparation for Christmas and a few of their ongoing projects, we went to see an exhibit of one of our favourite artists, Noriko Miyake who is just about to head out for creative sojourn in Paris.

3 shining stars

We have a couple of her paintings [see: Diary: New Goddess Art from Miyake Noriko, Diary: Get on the Omnibus (annotations from the fog)] and have flowed a couple out to the world as gifts as well, she’s always doing something interesting, often involving p3nis and vag!nas and related whatnot (pardons keeping this post safe for search).

The exhibit was in a great coffee shop in which was on board with placemats, menus, table flags and other treats to make the exhibit completely immersive. There was even art hanging in the toilet (yup, we purchased one, a wild collage) and in the hallways (yup bought one from there as well, a sort of jellyfish kite).

Then, you climb a very steep dangerous staircase (watch your head! gonk!) and head into a room FILLED with painted, stuffed and sewn vulvas, yup! Cozy up and lounge in the splendor. We all enjoyed and have one at home now.

Then in a main hall, her fabric art hung from the ceiling in every possible way and the walls were filled with her paintings. Of course, one I wanted to buy but no go, already spoken for exhibit in Paris. Dang ole Paris! :-)

really wanted to buy this one

She also was offering Tarot card readings with, of course her own crafted Tarot cards. Strangely enough, mine was “new romance” and depicted twins. Didn’t really seem to make sense but after discussion, decided it would be a romance with my own creative self and maybe twins are in our future… (one at a time please, please). The card lives on in a scrapjournal, the menu is sorted as are the table flags – possibly snaps to come.

Anyway back downstairs, we enjoyed some treats and some lovely conversation with the people there and wished Noriko well on her way to Paris. Always astounded by her mixed media versatility and incredible pace of production, as well as her shining bright artistic courage.

your correspondent says k bai

Update: everything seemed to go well in Paris although she her Grandmother passed during her sojourn, she’s back just did a big exhibit in Osaka.

In the meanwhile: Noriko Miyake web place

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