Diary: washoku, pizza, strudel, tacos, pickles, ramen & more everyday food

washoku (classic Japanese trad dinner) including: sashimi, ohitashi, hiyayako, pickles, etc. (umeboshi in the jar)

Just another food round-up from Tsuchida Cottage. Of course, we are cooking at home, groceries get delivered (and some from garden/yard). We have a little convection oven. Added in a few Japanese words just case PS “washoku” is word for traditional Japanese food – usually fish (grilled or raw) and various side dishes, while “yoshoku” is Japanese-i-fied foreign-inspired food which has become Japanese (i.e. croquettes, om-rice (omelette on rice), hamburg, fried shrimp, spaghetti). Also a few ramen, pizza and other hybrid style meals in here. Carry on. No big deal. 

breakfast set with oranges, muesli, coffee, home-baked bread
house-made ramen with mugi (barley) tea
lunch set with boiled eggs (and hot sauce), avocado, apples, etc
housemade pizza with smoked duck, cheese, mushrooms

housemade pizza with broccoli, boiled egg and other items
dessert bowl with apples, banan, shiratama, & adzuki beans
housemade ramen with bacon and egg
mixed salad, breaded chicken (with cheese inside), stew, brown rice, bamboo shoots (from yard)
getting ready for dinner with fish (katsuo no tatake), rencon (lotus), spinach, and maitake mushrooms
katsuonotataki (skipjack tuna loin sashimi) with green onion, white onion
mimono with kouya dofu, rencon (lotus), carrots, maitake…
dave makes salt fermented pickles (carrots, cucumbers…)
dave makes salt fermented pickles (carrots, cucumbers…)
dinner: soup with bacon, salmon tartar sauce, salad, brown rice, pickles
pork loin thawing out (heck of a deal)
roasting the pork loin with garlic
pork loin inspection (with garlic, rosemary and olive oil)



dinner: noodles with unremembered sauce… and pickles 
homemade crisp apple strudel!
apple strudel set with ice cream and tea
om-rice (omelette)
getting ready for Mexican food variety night
tacos, tamales, etc with family
apple pie with ice cream and tea time
digging into fish and related small dishes in a washoku dinner (includes sekihan (red rice) and tofu)
Ryoko happy time with fish side dishes…
classic washoku (trad Japanese dinner) fish is renkodai plus ofu, ohitashi, sekihan (red rice), shijimijiro (soup), pickles etc.

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