Kitchen: Variety of pork, sashimi, soup and sauces

Katsuo no tataki / bonito tuna sashimi served with with onions, green onions, shiso leaf and lemon

I suspect you eat food, likely more than once per day. While I dabble in many mediums of art, the kitchen has never been a place of creative comfort for me however… I’m working to add a few new skills to my repertoire, as well as watching the unique techniques take a bus out for some traditional Japanese favorites.

Also, paying attention to the importance of plating and presentation and choosing an interesting variety of dishes when serving – I’m probably better at this part than in the preparation but hey, one revolution at a time.

As such, very little in the way of annotations or details, or quality of photos for that matter, just evidence of living life at such a cottage.

The results are sort of a hybrid of Japanese and “western“ dishes, and usually served rather Japanese-style meaning lots of little plates as we sit at usually a low table on a mat to enjoy the creations.

snack plate with fruits and maple syrup for coffee/tea

While life is still exciting and new here, I occasionally remember to take a snapshot of things prepared, most of the time I don’t, but sometimes I do, and since I did, i’ll share with you. There are loads of these round-ups elsewhere in this archive if curious. 

impromptu smoker in the kitchen / chips in foil in a pan, pork meat on grill above / worked so good

results of smoking meat above
cold “ramen” noodles with bacon and veg / a common and grat cool summer dish
detail of above cold ramen with shredded egg and bacon (see below), tomato etc
woked up shredded beef and veg
throw buncha cabbage on towards the end / cabbage is used a lot, in so many ways / also daikon radish
almost every meal includes miso soup, for best results, start with some of these lil fishes to make a broth
sometimes in goes seaweed, sometimes tofu, sometimes green onions in this case Komatsuna / mustard greens

Note: many things come from our garden, others are delivered from the food co-op, occasionally a gift from neighbours or friends, or every once in a while, a mission to restock the freezer, or sometimes things come by cool courier.

special picnic lunch from our friends restaurant / she also makes spice blends to sell which we often
last time, also ordered these sauces from Nihon-dai University to stock the pantry
meat / pork pack from Nihon University / Ryokos alma mater who do meat curing on-site / the best bacon ive ever had, seriously fantastic

This is all, not a pro, not a foodie, just LIVING.

Whatcha think?