Noto Fish Auction / Dave + Ryoko Shinkonryoko Ramble

Noto port, feels like the end of the world, indeed, a rather remote peninsula jutting out into the Sea of Japan, often ravaged by disaster, yet intrepid fishers head out to sea…

[Note: catching up with dossiers from May 2019 when we took an extended ramble around rural areas of Japan as a sort of honeymoon – see Shinkonryoko for more from this journey]

The following is as documented at a small morning fish auction in Noto, Ishikawa-ken [map] (at the end of the Noto peninsula) where various Norwegian and Russian ships also exchange wares. 

So many kinds of sea creatures! How many can you name? a few of these (Ankou / angler fish and shellfish of which i don’t the name and more slippery little treats) were later consumed by our hosts and us.

+ Fish etc Variety Pack +

{update: the remarkable Sandra DeMonti sent along many names for many fish, added as captions – consider helping with the rest]



Not sure but could be some sort of puffer fish
Trigger fish

Trigger fish

Stone fish


Puffer fish

Scorpion fish
Puffer fish
Puffer fish (escapee)

+ Auction Site + 

Indeed, the big cities have big fish auctions with big crowds and media hype and whatnot, but this is the real deal, edge of the world, no chaos or pretension or grandstanding. just get it done, get it shipped, on to the next thing. Dig the atmosphere… 

walking strategically across the bins to inspect the fish for sale
plenty of handy scales for verification
ice for packing up and preserving
the amazing Ryoko at the auction site in the morning sun
looking from the auction site back to Hongo sensei’s house (with no cars but several bins in front)

Finish off with a lousy lil video just to give a bit of atmosphere. 

+ Meanwhile back at the fish house +

Hongo sensei’s home is a converted old fish processing facility – no its not stinky at all but has long stainless steel sinks for sorting tuna or whatever now used for brushing teeth. More to share but in the sort term, a few snippets…

Ryoko and sensei butchering an xt, very carefully (this is a dinosaur era species and has some poisonous properties) – more on this under separate cover
dinner that evening with so many fish, prepared so many ways!
eat it all, eat em all, chomp chomp chomp

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