Ichiro: card #31 “2 passports (for now)” + hat pin and pencil / 8.8

Ichiro: card #31 “2 passports (for now)” / with hat pin and pencil / 8.8

‪Ichiro card #31

Today: swept kura grain barn studio > application for various citizenship certificates & passports > listened to Talking Heads with Ryoko Olson + bath time with this remarkable dude Ichiro Stanley Thorvald ‬

PS possibly hard to believe but… he’s even cuter in real life.


Extra re: Talking Heads (in reply to inquiry)

… wife was watching David Byrnes’ Ted talk which led into “life during wartime” (passport theme), then “once in a lifetime“ (beautiful wife theme) then whole “remain in light“ album.

Followed by discussion about how David Byrnes’ 1985 film “true stories” was a huge inspiration for me and showed me I didn’t have to choose between being a musician, poet, filmmaker, essayist, whatever whatever, I could just do all of them all at once.

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Those bigeyes tell so many stories already, he’s constantly scanning and observing everything. Lots of art on the walls for him to check out

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