Taxi Cab Annotations to Toronto ~ Choogle On #86

Choogle on album art by bread the producer

En route to Toronto on a red-eye flight, Uncle Weed shares flashbacks from the Big Smoke from Summer of 87 and recounts gaps in memory from SXSW including poolside broken legs, bar-b-q trips, bike shops and grand hotels and recaps a trip to SubPop Records HQ in Seattle including meeting Mark Arm of Mudhoney and fore-shadowing adventures in T.O. Featuring music by Mudhoney “Overblown” plus various street musicians.

Hop in for Taxi Cab Annotations to Toronto ~ Choogle On #86 (15:00, .mp3, 15MB)

Episode art by Bread the Producer from photo by Uncle Weed

Crappy photos from SubPop tour



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2 thoughts on “Taxi Cab Annotations to Toronto ~ Choogle On #86”

  1. Great episode!

    I didn’t hear the whole story of a certain girl who busted herself up in Austin. Now I put the two together. I’m glad she wasn’t seriously hurt.

    Ohhh man, I’m so jealous about the SubPop tour.
    Lovin’ the Mudhoney too!

    Yours in punk rAWK,