Diary: Records and Books in the Kura Studio / Music Mode = On

Continuing with chronicling collections of Collections in the Kura Grain Barn turned studio (needs a new name) / now featuring: a working stereo and shelves laden with goodness, including: scrapbooks, journals, collections, vinyl, more vinyl and lederhosen.

Here’s a little overview: 

Your buddy here has a new TEAC analog manual turntable, a now-working six disc CD changer, Onkyo amp & tuner, working L *&* R speakers and a few hundred LPs / Not to mention endless CDs, a few boxes of cassettes (mostly by garage bands and so on), buncha 7” & 10” vinyl / also has a line-in 3.5mm jack if needed. Going to have fun up here with the new kiddo!


  • Secured a couple of cheap and cheerful bookcases to the wall with “L” brackets for safety
  • Started loading up with my *elegantly curated literature assortment* ™
  • Unboxed some selected CDs / mostly box sets and signed specialty items so far
  • At least everything is out of cardboard boxes and starting to readjust to the (dim) light
  • Also got a bit of art on the walls with a Bev Davies corner > stereo situation still need some love but… one revolution at a time

See anything that interests you?

new turntable (the old one was in rough shape) along with some art hanging in process
debris of boxes on the 1st floor (can also sorta see the massive file cabinet on the right side with handmade pottery on top
clothes and related in this mighty old chest – winter clothes, costumes, hats, scarves and so on
book shelves, now attached to the walls for safety, filling up with music and literature
couple shelves with classic editions, rare bits, special faves… see any ya like?
bev davies. (sic) centric display with Joe Strummer and The Clash at US Festival 1983), Spores at Bumpers in Surrey, 1984, and a couple of her calendars with Nardwuar. Note Tanya Donnelly’s Swan Song on turntable and singed Matinee poster on wall as well

You can see the stereo is sitting on top of a classic console stereo which, eventually might get up and going as well but in meantime, it’s spirit lives on…

Whatcha think?