Thinking about my next creative projects…

Thinking about my next creative projects:

1) Get Nesta (cabin in Jamaica) promoted for rentals

2) Sort-ganize & spruce up (need helpers)

3) Clayoquot blockades artifact roundup & essay

4) Remixing poetry and cassette recordings from my rambling Grandpa’s life

5) Finishing up a bucketful of half-finished Choogle On podcasts

6) Mop up and combine all those stories & poems to make some great chapbooks

7) Get big frames on my static montage art and make prints available for purchase

8) Same goes for my painting series from Gravelly Beach, Europa and of course, the Uncle Weed book

So many projects are 90% done, but the last 10% is always the most challenging.

But before all of these, which by the way, are not listed in any particular order, gotta concentrate on health and healing and taking it slow.

Tis hard when the creative ideas are flowing but the body can’t manage to get out of bed.

Must think in glacier-like timelines rather then the spry immediacy I became accustomed to for my first 43 years.
#Heavy #slow