Healing Journey 1: Message to Friends & Owls from Backyard

Soon after a sudden onset of illness leading to a hospital stay and a mortality shock, I (daveo) send a message of hope, affection and greetings to my co-workers and colleagues. I try to explain what happened to me (gastro enteritis problems and shock).

I express gratitude for the treats, care packages, videos and other kindnesses and support sent my way and express my desire to be back soon inventing the future. And how i’m struggling with the blues and going through various treatments and emotional drained from the whole struggling experience.

Sent with deep affection.


In the summer of 2013, I was diagnosed with Central Sensitivity Syndrome and variety of related syndromes. This news hit me hard as i was used to living an active life — both personally and professionally — and things seemed to be going great with lots of travel, speaking and creation on the docket. The result is: I am weak, weary, often confused and experience near-constant muscle and joint pain.

My treatments include all manner of medications to aid sleep plus therapies such as dry needling, acupuncture, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and mediation (individual and group), gentle exercise to keep conditioned while not going outside of my energy envelope. Also therapy from a counsellor and a few other things i’ve probably forgot. My calendar is packed with tests, treatments and checkups.

Through this journey, i’ve also battled depression and malaise which spirals me down to deep sad places. I’ve worked to rebuild myself from the mind out and learned a lot about neuro-plasticity and the connection between mind and body. I work earnestly to stay positive and receive affection from others and remain calm as my body is “locked” into a fight/flight/freeze mode.

Along the way, i’ve shared my journey with friends, co-workers and for my future self to track my progress. I’ve found chilling out in mineral rich waters (oceans, seas and hot springs) are a good place for me to heal as well as having kind friends and family around in support and sending me letters and vinyl to amuse me.

Along the way, I’ve made videos about my healing journey as well as videos about arts and crafts projects you can find in other playlists plus some videos about the recent passing of my beloved Dad which i was able to provide palliative care to in his final days.

Overall these videos are for me and you and perhaps others faced with the same ailments.

Whatcha think?