SXSW: HootSuite organically mobilizes around the globe via Ottawa Citizen/Postmedia

At SxSW 2012, i presented a core conversation called “Crowd Sourcing Community Projects, the Tom Sawyer Way“.

Afterwards i shared more opinions and anecdotes to various media outlets including this video treat by Dean Broughton. Click through to view and/or read the article below.

dave at SXSW for Van Sun

Vancouver’s HootSuite are the darlings of SXSW, again. If it’s not the HootSuite Owl commanding crowds, it’s the massive HootBus and t-shirt-canon-firing CEO Ryan Holmes attracting attention. The social media dashboard is on an explosive growth curve and has now been adapted into 14 different languages.

When Facebook and Twitter went down at the start of the Arab Spring in Egypt last year, HootSuite was the only outlet able to provide a conduit for the people during the first 36 hours. It was a pretty powerful day for the director of marketing Dave Olson, who witnessed 7,000 per cent spike in users overnight.

He outlined how HootSuite has organically mobilized around the globe during his well-received SXSW session “Crowd Sourcing Community Projects Around the Globe Like Tom Sawyer.”

Source: SXSW: HootSuite organically mobilizes around the globe

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